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29 08, 2019

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Final piece of the puzzle in place. Today *Miss Kitty* - Dt.CH VDH, Dt. CH. DRC Travellins Cherokee Rose, (Tjotte's Son O'A Bubble x Franconian Obediencia) has been to eye examination - everything clear. Picture by Tierfotografie Jeanette Hutfluss

18 08, 2019

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Today in the woods: Bolly - Travellins Bollywood Beauty (Tjotte's Son O'A Bubble x Franconian Zoccola), 10 years of age, at work. Still going strong, full of passion and fun. ♥️

6 08, 2019

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Jipiiieeee! Today *Liilo*, Tjotte's Deep Purple, went to eye examination at Dr. Leuzinger in Nürnberg. He is free-free-free-... Picture by Tierfotografie Jeanette Hutfluss

14 07, 2019

International Dog Show Nürnberg

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Today *Liilo* - Tjotte's Deep Purple and his son *Solomon* - Handle with care Anakin Skywalker were placed 2nd in champion and in working class. *Miss Kitty*, Travellins Cherokee Rose started also in champion class and got exc.4. *Grüffelo* - Antalas make you love me, won again open class, and is now unbeaten for 8 [...]

13 07, 2019

National dog show in Nürnberg –

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with *Emir* - Clausweb Hashtag Travellins, *Grüffelo* - Antalas make you love me, *Solomon* - Handle with care Anakin Skywalker, *Liilo* - Tjotte's Deep Purple and *Miss Kitty* - Travellins Cherokee Rose: All dogs left the ring with a red ribbon. In competition for Best Male, Grüffelo won against his friends Liilo and Solomon. Congratulations [...]

11 05, 2019

RSA Schloss Castell

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We had a wonderful day at RSA Schloss Castell - *Liilo* Tjotte's Deep Purple, won champion class, became "Winner Schloss Castell 2019", and ended up as BOB, *Solomon* Handle with care Anakin Skywalker won working class and got his last ticket for "German Champion DRC", *Grüffelo* Antalas make you love me was first in intermediate [...]

28 04, 2019

Wurfankündigung F-Wurf

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Wir freuen uns auf Welpen! Um den 12. Mai erwarten wir einen reinen chocolate Wurf aus *Sisi*, Handle with care a travelling Lady nach *Grüffelo*, Antalas make you love me. Haben Sie Interesse an einem Welpen? Rufen Sie uns einfach an unter 01573/8765218. Sisi arbeitet an einem Förderzentrum und bestand die Jugendprüfung für Labrador Retriever, [...]

19 04, 2019

We wish you wonderful Easter holidays!

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*Grüffelo* Dt. Youth-Ch. (DRC+VDH) Antalas make you love me (Rainriver his Magesty/Antalas Jaga-Jaga) *Liilo* Dt.Ch.(DRC+VDH), GW'17 Tjotte's Deep Purple (Tjotte's Lover under cover/Tjotte's My bubble your trouble) and *Miss Kitty* Dt.Ch.(DRC+VDH) Travellins Cherokee Rose (Tjotte's Son O'A Bubble/Franconian Obediencia) Picture by Jeanette Hutfluss