26 12, 2019

Welcome *Nicholas*!

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Delightfull Nicholas for Travellins (Julia Victory Aristocrat x Delightfull answer to) We are big fans of Kendystyle Rolex, since his career started and dreamed litteraly for years owning offspring out of this beautiful dog. And sometimes - out of a sudden - dreams come true and became real in Nicholas, an absolutely lovely, beautiful, happy [...]

8 12, 2019

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For the last time in 2019 we entered the ring: *Solomon* - Handle with care Anakin Skywalker won working class - now just one ticket is missing for his 2nd Championtitel (VDH). *Grüffelo* - Antalas make you love me won open class with CC and later also Res.- CACIB. Little *Franzi* - Travellins Fortune Flower [...]

7 12, 2019

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We had a wonderful day at international dog show at Wels, Austria. *Solomon* - Handle with care Anakin Skywalker won workingclass, *Grüffelo* - Antalas make you love me was placed 2nd in a very strong international open class with Res-CACA and ended up with Res-CACIB. *Liilo* - Tjotte's Deep Purple was just an innocent bystander [...]

30 10, 2019

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Liilo and three of his sons. From left to right: *Liilo* Dt.Ch.VDH and DRC, German Winner '17, Sieger Schloss Castell '19 Tjotte's Deep Purple *Solomon* Dt.Ch.DRC Handle with care Anakin Skywalker, qualified in the field (BLP) *Pauli* Travellins Dusty Traveller, qualified in the field (BLP) *Pino* Travellins Eclipse Traveller, youth hunting test (JAS)

29 08, 2019

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Final piece of the puzzle in place. Today *Miss Kitty* - Dt.CH VDH, Dt. CH. DRC Travellins Cherokee Rose, (Tjotte's Son O'A Bubble x Franconian Obediencia) has been to eye examination - everything clear. Picture by Tierfotografie Jeanette Hutfluss

18 08, 2019

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Today in the woods: Bolly - Travellins Bollywood Beauty (Tjotte's Son O'A Bubble x Franconian Zoccola), 10 years of age, at work. Still going strong, full of passion and fun. ♥️